magical green house

greenhouseI love a good challenge and my most recent one (aside from this website) has been building this green house in my back yard. I could not have done it without Adam who I met at Henry Got Crops (or as I like to call it, Nina’s magic farm) the CSA I belong to. I love my little crooked green house. Neither Adam or I have ever built a house before and we had to choose between sqaure and level more than once. Now I will have to decide what to grow in it. What a pleasure.

Other challenges I am taking on include  my newest business venture, “the kitchen garden series”. A business plan designed to create jobs for local artisans (including myself) and to fund urban agriculture. Read the story and look at the napkins on this site. I plan to sell at local craft fairs and as soon as I’m up for yet another challenge, I’ll get an etsy site up and running. In the mean time, if you want a set of napkins shoot me an email.


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