my agrarian past


mimi's kitchen garden

Merriam-Webster Dictionary : Agrarian … a: of, relating to, or characteristic of farmers or their way of life <agrarian values> b: organized or designed to promote agricultural interests

A good friend of mine, when I told her about my new passion for creating art in and for urban gardens, said, “…perfect, everything you have done in your life has led to this.” How right she is about that and it seems that the field was ploughed long before I was born.

My maternal grandparents, Mimi and Gramps, were farmers and my Mother recently sent this photo, among others, of she and her siblings next to what I imagine is Mimi’s kitchen garden. I was stunned and delighted; there it is, a picture of what I am working to create. The exact thing I hope to fund with sales from the kitchen garden series. The perfect location for an installation piece.

My familial history and my hope for my future in a snap shot.

Shortly after Gramps died at the venerable age of 100, I began helping harvest at Henry Got Crops. It felt so right to begin my hybrid life of “farming” at that moment, to connect with my agrarian past. I didn’t imagine it would lead to art installations or napkin sales. But it makes sense now. Of course all my years of dancing, then social work, then costuming and my ancestry blended into this. Perhaps my agrarian heritage quietly led me to my agrarian present; creating work organized and designed to promote agricultural interests.

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