Bee Willow; Twin Spirits of the Strawberry Festival



Bee Willow is a sculpture created by myself and Miss Nickki Payne for the annual Strawberry Festival at Woodford Mansion June 7, 2014. Creating this work with Miss Nickki as a creative partner filled me with joy! She is one of the incredible gardeners in strawberry mansion who this project is designed to celebrate.

We built the work from branches of a willow tree I removed from my yard, donated silk and vintage fabric pieces, burlap sacks that came from Ghana holding coco beans and golden yellow thread reclaimed from a theatrical production. This magical,playful beehive, was finished in collaboration with the surrounding community who added their handprints to the fabric honeycomb, built bees with burlap,silk and lace; then adorned Bee Willow with their creative spirits.

Bee Willow stands in the orchard at Woodford Mansion planted by the East Park Revitalization Alliance (EPRA) and Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP) in east fairmount park. The installation remains through July 8th 2014.

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