kennett7Webster’s New Collegiate dictionary circa 1961 offers, among others, these 2 definitions:

1. Act or fact of dwelling in a place for some time. 2. Act or fact of living in some place in the discharge of a duty or as a qualification for some benefit;

My new business, The Kitchen Garden Series, grew in part from the scenery on a commute I made to create costumes for a ‘residency’. The route took me through an economically depressed neighborhood close to my home; one with many vacant lots and no decent grocery stores. It made me dream of gardens growing that would feed people in the place I have been dwelling in for some time;Philadelphia.

Turns out people were already gardening there and that I could connect to them and support them and make art with them. It has been a great challenge and pleasure to move from the simple fact of dwelling in this place for some time, to living here as a qualification for some benefit. I feel very much like an artist in residence in my extended community now.




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