EPRA Strawberry Festival

Installation at Philadelphia’s Historic Woodford Mansion
Designed and Built by: Heidi Barr and Tara Webb
with the generous assistance of Bethany Formica and Conrad Bender

We call this installation “Sylvia and The Wire Ladies”. It is the first phase of a three phase community art project partnering with the East Park Revitalization Alliance (EPRA). This project is designed to raise awareness of the vibrant community of gardeners and their gardens in Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion neighborhood. Sylvia and The Wire Ladies were installed to celebrate the strawberry festival at EPRA’s orchard located on the grounds of Woodford Mansion. This installation remains at Woodford Mansion and is free and open to the public Tuesday through Sundays 10 am – 4 pm through July 8th 2013. The work will then move to one of EPRA’s gardens and undergo a transformation in anticipation of a return to the orchard for The Apple Festival this Autumn.