Philadelphia artisan supporting urban growers offers a new kind of CSA

“Community Supported Artisan” shares available April 2015


The Kitchen Garden Series, using the same model as Community Supported Agriculture, is offering an opportunity to support local artisans, “Community Supported Artisans.” Full and half shares will be available April 1, 2015. A full share consists of 4 product collections delivered quarterly; a half share is 2 product collections delivered biannually.

Owner Heidi Barr, designs and makes kitchen textiles from reclaimed men’s shirts and other up-cycled fabrics. A quarter of the proceeds are donated to organizations growing food in Philadelphia. Currently, she supports the Roxburough CSA she belongs to, Henry Got Crops, and The East Park Revitalization Alliance (EPRA), who are planting food in the strawberry mansion neighborhood.

October of 2013 was the first month of sales for The Kitchen Garden Series (KGS). Since then sales have grown steadily. The series is available in 5 local brick and mortar stores and two farmers markets as well as on line. More importantly, KGS has been able to offer over $1000.00 in support for urban gardens.

The business is poised to expand dramatically in 2015 and selling CSA shares will provide up-front capital necessary to support this growth. Each share will include KGS’s signature kitchen textiles, an additional item commissioned from some favorite local artisans, plus one surprise item. An initial offering of 125 shares will be on sale April 1 – May 10, 2015. The prices are $500/full and $250/half shares. Deliveries will fall on the solstices and equinoxes. This initial offering coincides with the launching of my new website launching March 23, and purchases can be made there, by calling 267-297-5766, or in person at events.

Looking forward to having our community’s support as we make textiles that grow gardens.